Golf Course Rules & Regulations

  • Resident membership rates are limited to Summit residents and taxpayers, Summit business owners and lessees, City of Summit employees, current and retired Summit Board of Education employees, and active First Aid Squad members and their immediate families. Proof will be required. Membership is non-transferable.
  • Refunds will only be honored prior to opening day of current Muni season.
Identification Cards
  • All members will be issued a bar-coded photo I.D. card which must be shown for admission to the Muni.
  • Bar-coded photo I.D. cards are non-transferable.
  • Lost cards will be replaced upon payment of a $10 fee.
  • All guests of the Muni must be accompanied by a member at all times.
  • Guests and members ages 6 - 10 must be accompanied on the course by an adult member (age 18+) at all times.
  • Members ages 11+ are permitted to bring guests ages 11+, only.
General Rules
  • Parking and play at the Muni is at the golfer's own risk. The City is not held liable for any injuries caused by other golfers or damages caused to vehicles struck by golf balls.
  • Appropriate attire must be worn on the course. Athletic, closed-toe shoes are required
  • Parties are limited to 4 players. Each golfer must provide his/her own clubs.
  • Golfers must obey all rules of golf etiquette, including the fixing of ball marks, replacing divots, and raking sand traps. Hit and play only one ball.
  • No practice of any kind is permitted on the actual golf course.
  • Foursomes waiting to tee off on Hole 1 must alternate with foursomes coming off of Hole 9 for their second 9. Do not hit from tees until group in front is clear of the green.
  • Golfers will only be permitted to play the course in a consecutive Hole 1 - Hole 9 order. Please allow for faster players to play through.
  • No shortcuts or eliminating holes will be permitted.
  • Penalty for out-of-bounds (over fence) is loss of stroke and distance. Ball must be replayed from the spot where it was originally hit.
  • If ball is hit into pond from 4th tee, re-tee ball. Penalty is 1 stroke for going into pond. Golfer is then hitting a 3.
  • If ball goes into pond from fairway, players are not permitted to enter water to retrieve ball. Drop ball where it entered the pond. Penalty is 1 stroke.
  • Players are allowed a maximum of 3 strokes in the sand and 4 putts on the green.
  • If ball is hit into flowers, planted shrubs, or onto the pathway, roadway, or sprinkler head, it must be moved. No penalty will be incurred.
  • Course may be reserved for tournaments, special events, and clinics at the discretion of the DCP. Notice will be posted in advance.
  • No alcoholic beverages of any kind will be permitted onto the course.
  • No food deliveries from local establishments will be allowed into the facility. No food shall be consumed on the course.
  • Animals are prohibited at the facility unless service animals accompanying persons with disabilities.
  • Any person who violates Muni rules and regulations or DCP Code of Conduct will be subject to immediate removal from the facility. Memberships are subject to revocation or suspension by the DCP without refund.
  • Memberships obtained by means of fraudulent statement may be revoked without refund.
  • Anyone transferring a card or receiving a transferred card may have golf privileges revoked for the remainder of the season without refund.
  • Destruction of property may result in suspension or revocation of membership without refund.
  • Trespassing during or after hours is subject to revocation or denial of membership without refund.