Community Center

We’ve Expanded

The Department of Community Programs has served generations of Summit residents in the original community center building since 1954. As the popularity of our programs continued to grow, there was an increasing need for a complete renovation and expansion of the Community Center. The Grand Opening of the new facility took place in May 2019.

Investors Bank Gym

The Investors Bank Gymnasium is the brand new gym built as a part of the expanison project. Complete with volleyball stands, bleachers and a collapsable divider, this gym houses many different programs.

The Share the Fun Club is held in the gym daily. During scheudled times, the Investors Gym also houses badminton and pickleball.

Funding for this new gym was provided by Investors Bank.

Guida Gym

The Guida Gymnasium, which was named after former Recreation Director Dominic Guida in 2012, has been totally retrofitted and upgraded to match the design of the new building and increase functionality.

This gym is home to a variety of different programs offered as a part of the Open Gym schedule. 

This gym is available for individual rentals on weekends only, when available. No private group rentals are allowed.

Benson Room/Celgene A

The primary large group meeting room in the Communtiy Center, this space has been fitted be the perfect space for any meeting for up to 60 people. This space is utilized for a slew of different senior programs, special needs classes (including use by the Summit High School special education classes), and luncheons.

This room is available for use by Summit based non-profit organizations. It is available when there are no pre-scheduled DCP offered programs.

Additionally, this room is available as a part of the Guida Gym rentals on weekends. 

Jordan Glatt Youth Lounge

Dedicated to former Mayor Jordan Glatt in 2020, this room is also known by children in the afterschool program as the Game Room. This room is equipped with many ammenities, including: 

  • 2 ping pong tables (donated by the Summit PAL)
  • 1 pool table
  • 1 shuffle board table

There is also an area in the Lounge to stop by and play board games, or read a book which are stocked in the cabinets. This room is available for drop in play as a part of the Open Gym Membership when there are no previously scheudled DCP programs.

Celgene Senior Card Room

The Celgene Senior Card Room and Lounge are brand new editions to the Summit Communtiy Center. The Senior Card room has designated times for gorup play outlined in the Senior Newsletter. 

Both the Senior Lounge and Card Room are open during all operatioanl hours of the Summit Community Cente nad exclusively reserved for Senior Citzen use. 

The Lounge includes a kitchenette, plenty of books to enjoy reading in the seating area in front of the fireplace, and a lunch table to enjoy a bite to eat!

Take a Look Inside...

Investors Bank Gym
Guida Gym
Benson Room
Jordan Glatt Youth Lounge
Celgene Senior Card Room
Celgene Senior Lounge