Fall Programs

Fall 2018 Programs

Fall 2018 dates and classes to be announced

Each fall season, the department of community programs offers several different specialty programs for Summit's Youth. Be sure the check back in late spring/early summer for everything coming the fall. In the meantime, check out the classes offered last year below! 

Programs Offered Fall 2017

Fashion Passion
Grades K-8

Learn the fundamentals of fashion design and hand sewing! Discover how to create your own fashion sketches and then tackle cool fashion projects each class. Design and create your own clutch bags, tee shirts, statement jewelry, pillows and more!

Schoolhouse Chess
Grades K-8
In our Schoolhouse Chess program, we make the world’s most popular game a blast! We bring the game pieces to life with vivid personalities and creative histories. Our imaginative characters accelerate the learning process and fascinate children. Students will improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills as well as their logic skills, memory and recognition. Time will be allotted each week to challenge their fellow players and practice newly acquired skills. Schoolhouse chess caters to beginner and intermediate skill levels and covers all basic rules, strategies and tactics. Each student will receive their very own magnetic chess set to take home. 

Inventive Investigations
Grades K-8

Children are introduced to the differences between chemical and physical reactions. The instructor demonstrates how yeast feeds on sugars to produce a gas-filled balloon. The children test food samples for starch and protein and learn that certain foods help us grow, develop, and function. They familiarize with digestion – the process that occurs after they eat. The hands-on, clear digestive-tract model extends this concept at home! Children will delve deeper into other investigations as the class progresses!

Mission: Code – Coding for Kids
Grades 2-5

In this new and exciting program, children will take part in a series of in-class coding workshops. Each week students will work with laptops to prepare for the digital future! Kids will learn and apply the basic principles of coding in a fun and educational game-like environment. Students will code many programs, maybe even one to help robots collect all the stars! 

Young Magicians
Grades 1-5

This program provides kids hands on experience on the professional magic tricks performed by the Magicians. Kids will learn science behind tricks performed and practice them using cards, coins, ropes, rings, scarf, hat.

Lego Robotics
Grades 2-6
Learn to build and control special gadgets using Legos. This course will teach you how to design race cars, fidget spinners, etc. and explain how to control them using online programming tools.