TryCAN Programs

Move and Dance Group for Older Kids

Older youth will have a blast learning new ways to move to their favorite music while working together with peers to begin to master the art of dance. Instructor Michele Goldin, Expert Dance & Movement Therapist.




Dance and Movement Group

Children participate in a free expression workshop, a unique learning environment they will get moving through use of original and traditional music and songs, creative movement, dance and rhythms, games, props that provide sensory stimulation, art, and storytelling. Instructor Michele Goldin, Dance & Movement Therapist.




​Mini Yoga Group

A program specially designed for little ones to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, focus and concentration for a happy, healthy, balanced life. Through breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as fun poses and group games based on anatomy, children learn to respect themselves, each other and the world around them. Instructor Michele Goldin, Dance & Movement Therapist.

Ages 8-10

​Baseball Skills

Join us to learn or improve ability to play, understand, and enjoy the fundamentals of the game. Practice basic techniques such as hitting, throwing, running, catching while participating in fun games. All activities at your child’s level.

​Ages 6-9 and Ages 10+

Indoor Fitness Club


A club for boys and girls to learn and practice smart indoor fitness habits while having fun! Kids will see a variety of activities over the six weeks stretching, toning, cardio, dance for fitness, WiiFit games, discussing healthy snack making and healthy after school nutrition, discussing fitness to do with family, etc.  Individualized programs will be set for each child to set goals, celebrate successes, and encourage moving to their next level of their ability. At the end of the six weeks, we will all participate in the RACE, where every one will feel like a winner! Coach: Eileen O’Neill, Behaviorist and experienced Special Education Instructor. 

Grades 5-12

Social Skills (Kidz Club)

A Social skills class for older children in grades 3-5. Children will learn essential friendship skills for recess games, gym activities, play dates, and cooperative group activities. We will target skills such as listening and following directions and game rules, being a good sport, "playing together is staying together", playing fair, working as a partner or on a team, endurance of play, positive communication with others, talking on topic of the activity, as well as learning new games and building interests and motivation. Instructor: Eileen O’Neill, Behaviorist.

Grades 3-5

Social Skills - (Let's Pretend)

Class works on developing play and social skills including pretend, sharing, compromise, social language using coordinated play, role play, and other techniques. Children practice specific social skills through play and participation with peers and mentors. Parents hear skills to target out of class with suggested strategies. Instructor: Eileen O’Neill, Behaviorist.

Ages 3-5

Social Skills - (Play and Learn)

Children rotate through different activities including games, problem solving, role playing and other play to learn cooperation, compromise, self control, reading others, frustration control and conversation. Children practice specific social skills through normal play activities and participation with peers and mentors. Parents hear skills to target out of class with suggested strategies. Instructor: Eileen O’Neill, Behaviorist.

Ages 6-7

Social Skills - (Digital Drama)

Class harnesses technology kids love to help teach life and social skills such as cooperation, compromise, conversation and safety skills as well as independence and appropriate behaviors. Children gain experience using computers for writing, planning and presenting mini-movies using Microsoft and Apple tools. Students help select topics but examples could be how to be with peers at recess or lunch, going to a restaurant, visiting relatives, starting conversations, etc. Instructor: Eileen O’Neill, Behaviorist.

Ages 8-12

Social Skills - (Teen Friendship Group)

A teen group that will meet and practice social skills in the natural environment. Teens participate in activities such as cooking, board/other games, learnings new computer skills, pottery/art activities, movie and book reviews/ discussions, creating mini-movies on flip cameras, and more based on group interests. Group also works on relationship building, conversation and expanding personal interests. Instructor is Eileen O’Neill, Behaviorist.

Ages 13-18