Open Gym

Welcome to the Open Gym site for the Summit Communtiy Center. Any weekly updates or alterations to the published weekly schedule will be posted here on a weekly basis. Please note that the Department of Community Programs staff reserves the right to alter the scheudle at any point. If you have any questions regarding the Open Gym Programming, please contact David Guida.

Open Gym Memberships

Annual Membership Active September 5, 2022 through September 4, 2023.

Membership grants the Summit resident access to all of the programs listed on this page and any additional pop up programs we may hold at the Summit Community Center. You may click here to register or call the Summit Community Center at 908-277-2932.

Once registered, you will be asked to submit a photo to A photo ID will be created that will either be mailed to you or available for pick up at the Summit Community Center. This photo ID must be presented and scanned in at the main desk each time you attend the Community Center.

In Town Membership Categories
  • Family Membership - $150- Two adults an their children under 18 living at the same address in Summit
  • Individual Membership - $50- Any individual residing in the City of Summit ages 2-61
  • Senior Membership - $25-  Any individual residing in the City of Summit ages 62 and up

Out of town membership price is double. 

Drop in Rates of $10 per day for resident Non-resident drop in is $20 per day. Residency will be checked.
Guests must come with a member!

Share the Fun Club

The Share the Fun Club is the fully supervised afterschool program that is open to all Summit Students in grades 2-8. Visit the Share the Fun Club page for more information. 

Open Gym Activites


Our Open Gym Basketball has designated days and times for different genders and ages. We strive to develop a scheudle to allow all groups time to utilize the gym to play basketball. Basketballs are provided as a part of Open Gym Basketball. The games are unsupervised and played pick up style. We do ask that all participatns allow everyone an opportunity to participate in playing.


The Volleyball program offered as a part of the Open Gym scheudle is designed to allow for co-ed play for all (high school students up to adults/seniors). Volleyballs will be provided and nets will be set up. The games will be played pick up style and we ask that participants allow for equitable play time for all.

Badminton & Pickleball

For both badminton and pickleball programs, raquets and equipment is provided. It is possible if the temporary lines are removed, participants will have to replace the tape lines on the gymnasium floor. There are generally three courts set up which allow for up to four players at a time. This is structured as a pick up program where participants keep score. Please allow for equitable and inclusive play for all. 


Futsal balls are provided as a part of Open Gym Futsal. Goals will be in the gym, but may have to be moved by futsal players. The games are unsupervised and played pick up style. We do ask that all participatns allow everyone an opportunity to participate in playing.

Yoga and Zumba

These classes are taught by certified Zumba and Yoga teachers. Please wear athletic clothing to be able to participate in the class. Classes are designed to be friendly for all abilities and instructors are able to adapt classes to meet the needs of all. 

Kid’s Time

Bring the kids down to enjoy some time running around the gym and having fun at the Summit Community Center! We will provide the supplies, including games, hoola hoops, scooters, basketballs and softee balls. Feel free to bring your own gym games and activities as well! This is unsupervised gym time and the children must be supervised by an adult.