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Property Use Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Public Property Restoration Agreement
  3. 3. Hold Harmless Agreement
  4. 4. Corporate Acknowledgement
  • Step One

    1. Memorial Park
    2. High School
    3. Community Center
    4. Elementary Schools
    5. Glenside
    6. Tatlock Park
    7. Wilson Park
    8. Mabie Park
    9. Middle School
    10. (tables, bandstand, demonstrations, etc.)
    11. Please note:
      I hereby acknowledge that I will be responsible for the members of the group and in signing this form there is no insurance provided, and I, hereby, release the City of Summit, the Department of Community Programs, and any individual connected with the City, the Department of Community Programs from any and all law suits or other expenses that may arise from injury to or caused by each individual’s participation in this event.