AED Safety

In early 2016, the DCP received approval to purchase 13 automatic external defibrillators (AED) as part of its emergency action plan to protect the safety of athletes, spectators, coaches and officials in the event of a medical emergency.

Each AED has been strategically placed in locations at all municipal fields, allowing for no greater than a 90-second response time to and from a potential victim on each field. AEDs are marked with red flags and highly visible markings.
AED Locations
Investors Bank Field
Upper Tatlock Field
Soldiers Memorial Upper Field
Soldiers Memorial Lower Field
Village Green
Glenside Field
Walter Long Field
Wilson Field
*AEDs have also been placed at the middle school, high school, and all five elementary schools.

Report Damaged or Missing Equipment

The DCP will perform monthly visual inspections to keep AEDs in proper working order. Citizens are asked to report any equipment that appears damaged or missing to the DCP at 908-277-2932.


All recreation and youth sports coaches will receive training on how to operate the equipment. Most CPR classes offer additional training in the use of an AED. If someone is already trained in CPR, training on the use of an AED takes even less time. In the state of New Jersey, Good Samaritan legislation protects all lay rescuers from lawsuits.
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AED Maps

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