Fields & Courts

General Field Rules

  • Groups of 25 or more must have a permit in their possession
  • Use the field listed on your permit only during your scheduled times
  • Fields are not to be used if they have been closed due to inclement weather
  • Trash must be placed in trash cans/recycling containers
  • Field maintenance is only to be performed by authorized personnel
  • No animals allowed

Synthetic Turf Rules

  • No chewing gum
  • No sunflower seeds
  • No food or beverages
  • No golfing
  • No metal spikes
  • No bicycles
  • No vehicles

Tennis/Paddle Court Rules

  • No other sports allowed to be played on the courts other than tennis
  • No skateboards
  • No roller blades
  • No bikes
  • No dogs
  • No private lessons without authorization
  • Remove all trash and recyclables

Should you witness inappropriate behaviors or vandalism to our fields, please contact the Summit Police Department at 908-273-0051.

As a reminder alcohol is prohibited at all City of Summit fields and facilities. Smoking is prohibited during events, games, and practices.

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