TryCAN Special Needs

Your Child Can! Every Child Can! TryCAN

Interested in community programs for children with special needs?

TryCAN can help!

  • TryCAN coordinates inclusive recreation and social development programs for children with special needs.
  • Programs help teach sports and life skills, while focusing on building individual skills, teamwork and fun!
  • Programs are taught by experienced coaches and instructors from the community.
  • Skill-building sports programs are held a few weeks before start of each season to enable child (those interested) to tryout for a particular sport.
  • Using our “Children Helping Children” approach, during class your child works with trained volunteer Peer Mentors who serve as assistant coaches, buddies and your child’s biggest cheerleaders.
  • Peer Mentors are high school and middle school students from our communities.
  • Programs have included baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, football, tennis, martial arts, golf, learn-to-bike-ride, social skills, reading, art and music.
  • Programs are open to children from all communities.
  • Programs charge only a nominal fee, thanks to fundraising activities of TryCAN

TryCAN allows parent and professional volunteers to get involved.

TryCAN provides opportunities to attend TryCAN family events, and meet and network with other families with similar needs.

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