Video Gallery

Youth Cheerleading


Cheer on Summit's Hilltoppers during all home and away games as a Youth Recreation Cheerleader.

Free Spring Cheer Clinic begins Wednesday, May 4.

Recreation Summer Camp

Daily Camp

Experience a day in the life of one of our Summer Recreation Campers. Learn more about all summer camps offered with the DCP.

Diddy TV

Episode 2: Life Jacket Safety

Danny B. and Tony, co-hosts of Shark Diddy TV, provide SFAC members with important life jacket safety information.

Diddy TV

Episode 1: Pool Safety Rules

Danny B. and Tony, co-hosts of Shark Diddy TV, explain general pool safety rules to keep in mind while at the SFAC.

Swim with the Sharks

SFAC Swim Team

Think you've got what it takes to swim with the Sharks? Learn more about the SFAC's all-star swim team.

Why Swim Anywhere Else?

Become a Member of the SFAC

This award-winning campaign offers sweeping aerial views of the pristine SFAC. Learn more about summer memberships at the SFAC.

Big Wheel

A Senior Connections, Inc. Operation

Big Wheel, a 22-passenger bus, is a free service taking seniors to and from local establishments. Learn more about how you can help support this essential senior service.

Share the Fun

Water Edition

During the last Float Night of the 2012 season at the SFAC, the Share the Fun commercial was recreated as a special underwater edition.

Share the Fun

Land Edition

The original Share the Fun commercial was filmed in the summer of 2012 and featured Summit and local residents "Sharing the Fun" at several DCP events.

Diddy Cam

PAL Halloween Parade

Experience the PAL Halloween Parade through SFAC icon, Shark Diddy's eyes with Diddy Cam. Learn more about this annual Halloween event.

Youth Football League


Check out some of Summit's finest Hilltoppers in action in the DCP's Youth Football League. Learn more about Youth Football with the DCP.

TryCAN Collaboration

Special Needs Programming

Summit Community Programs is the lead agency in providing special needs programming through the TryCAN Collaboration. Learn more about TryCAN and its programs.

Summit Seniors Club

Become a Member

For just $10 per year, Summit residents (55+) can join the Summit Seniors Club and gain access to dozens of fitness, educational, social programs, and more. Learn more about joining the Summit Seniors Club.